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Our dual passion is to help client companies raise the capital they need, and see them achieve their sales and profit goals. In order to help our clients raise all the money they need, we “double-team” with them on the three key parts of their pitch:

Business Model Re-think

Creating or revisiting your own business reason-for-being, and re-evaluating your sales & marketing strategy. (“Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”—Sun Tzu)

Business Plan & Investor-Pitch

Developing a 30-40 page, 3-year business plan, including specific goals, strategy, time-lines, and realistic financial projections—plus a highly convincing 8-10 slide investor-pitch that summarizes your plan.

Investor-Pitch Delivery

Making investors and bankers want to do business with you. (Before you ‘rave on’ about your product, your pitch must first grab your prospective investor’s interest, and describe the problem your product will solve. Then, and not until then, tell why your product is a better solution than competition.)

The business model & strategy, business plan & investor slides, and investor-pitch delivery can all be likened to a “three-legged stool”:
  • 1) The business model/strategy–if not chosen wisely–will seldom be "rescued” by an otherwise-impressive business plan. (Such a plan would be built on a proverbial ‘foundation of sand.’)
  • 2) A pipe-dream-like business plan, with pie-in-the-sky BS, or “hockey-stick” financial projections, can’t be rescued by the most brilliantly-chosen business strategy. (Investors, like many people, tune out apparent liars.)
  • 3) And similarly, a rivetingly-persuasive presentation performance can’t salvage major problems with the business strategy or business plan. Savvy investors and bankers can see through the weaknesses on any leg of this three-legged stool. All three legs must be sturdy for you to get financed.
After working with almost 500 clients, we’ve heard all the questions you can expect from investors and bankers and other money-sources. We’d like to put all of this hard-earned knowledge and experience to work on the most important presentation you may ever make.

If our approach seems to make sense, let's talk.


You may be confident of your business strategy & plan to the point of absolute certainty. BUT—no matter how smart and sure you are, it usually helps to get a serious outside point-of-view about what you’re planning to do, before you start throwing money around.

  • Will your investor pitch help you raise the capital you need?
  • Will your business strategy enable you to achieve your sales and profit goals?
  • Will your products and services really find a sizeable and profitable market?

The answers depend on whether your products or services fill a need, how persuasively you sell your business plan, and how well you execute it. Assuming, that is, if the business model and strategy make sense, and the plan is reasonably “do-able.”

The strategy and plan we develop together—we’ll “double-team” on it with you—will give your business it’s very best chance to succeed in the marketplace. Why? Simply because nobody does it better — PERIOD.

  • Free initial consultation
  • Soup-to-nuts client service throughout the process
  • Satisfaction and confidentiality are our guideposts

“Double-team” on your business plan and investor-pitch. Give your venture a first-rate, highly-professional start on perhaps the most important business presentation you will ever undertake. Back it up with a business plan that makes investors and bankers want to do business with you.

“A CEO’s Guide to Investor Pitches That Raise Capital”


Historically, we’ve helped start-up entrepreneurs, G/Ms of new divisions, franchise owners, and CEOs of established manufacturing and service companies. (Some of them had seen their business growth “plateau-out” somehow.) We’ve helped almost 500 companies in all kinds of product and service categories–and a few non-profit ventures, too. May we help you?


  • We work best with goal-oriented company owners and CEOs who know what they want to achieve.
  • They are strong enough in their leadership styles to welcome a “second opinion” from a strategy and planning ‘pro’ on how to achieve goals.
  • They are willing to give us reasonably open access to them during the six-or-so-weeks process of developing a first-rate plan and pitch with them.
  • We are most effective if our clients are willing to consider ideas from someone outside their company–with the understanding that we will tell them honestly what we would do if we were them. After that, of course, it’s your call!
Once funding is completed, we often help our clients execute their new plan, or coach their staff on implementing the plan successfully. (After all, someone needs to review goals vs. actual results every quarter, and hold the feet of those responsible to the fire!)


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"War is too important to be left to the generals."

---Former French prime minister George Clemenceau

…."and the same might well be said about leaving business plans and investor pitches entirely to business owners!"  


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What Clients Say

Developing an effective strategy and investor presentation isn’t simply a matter of reading a book, or following a fill-in-the-blanks “recipe.”